Shea oil Infusion

We've had a fair amount of questions about what separates us from other bath salt brands, and the answer is that while most salt brands focus on the health benefits of using bath salts not many recognise the impact of using bath salts without moisturising the skin post use, especially in areas with hard water.
At  NɅTIVE SɅLT we understand the importance of keeping the skin moisturised, which is why our salts are infused with Shea oil during our specifically developed misting process that ensures the grains are coated evenly creating truly premium bath salts. Try our Shea oil blended salts today for a luxury bath salt experience.
What are some of the benefits of Shea oil?
  • Pure shea oil is composed of vitamins A, E and F. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties and evens skin tone. The vitamin E portion of Shea oil can gradually fade skin scars, acne scarring, and stretch marks over time.
  • Shea oil softens dry skin leaving your skin feeling silky
  • Shea oil is rich and highly absorbent, it works well to moisturise all skin types including sensitive and dry skin.
  • Shea oil Is extremely rich, absorbs almost immediately, and little bit of it goes a long way!
  • Shea oil can be used to moisturise all members of the family's skin including babies. It will leave skin with a healthy glow with all-day hydration.
  • The oil is occlusive. This means that it prevents water loss from the outer layer of your skin. It's most effective when applied to moist or damp skin, it will not leave your skin greasy like alternatives such as Petrolatum jelly, Lanolin, mineral oil, cocoa butter or coconut oil.
  • Shea oil is non-comedogenic, so it won't block your pores.
  • It's an effective emollient as it contains long-chain saturated fatty acids (stearic, linoleic, oleic fatty acids) which are commonly used in cosmetic formulations or topical applications.